A journey to New Zealand…

So it’s been more than one month since I touched down in New Zealand and I must say without a doubt- it has been one of the most fun months of my life (so far!) I have soo much to write that I don’t know where to start: however- as a great Mary Poppins once […]

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From one side to the other

It’s been a long time since I last graced this blog with my presence. But I decided with all the changes going on recently that there was no time like the time spent waiting for planes (and buses)… 🤣 ‘Are we there yet?’ – The answer is not quite. In fact currently I’m sitting in […]

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10 Tips for Visiting Dubrovnik..

Dubrovnik is a City full of culture, architecture and a whole lot of Ice Cream! Whether you visit for an experience of Game of Thrones, Crystal clear waters or to watch the vibrant old town light up each day.. I don’t think anyone leaves the city disappointed. I have been writing up a post all […]

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When you Finland…

For our first European adventure together, Dennis and I decided to explore Finland. We headed there with no plans, hotels or activities planned except for one night which we had booked at The levi glass iglut, a glass igloo which lets you look right up into the twinkling night sky from the comfort of your […]

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Now what Cologne is that!?

Sitting in work an hour too early.. Not because I’m being a good productive human but instead because I just blatantly cannot tell the time! I hit up Skyscanner (of course) to see where my next destination would be… £30 Return flights to Germany and I was sold. I booked Cologne knowing nothing about the […]

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The Island of Malta.

Being part Maltese I have always felt a connection to this beautiful Mediterranean Island(s) Technically it is made up of three Islands; Gozo, Comino and Malta itself. Located just under the boot of Italy, I think Malta is gaining more and more publicity each year and it’s no surprise as to why with views like […]

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